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What does the HP people think about you [Jan. 6th, 2007|12:40 pm]

House : Slytherin - Ooo!
Overall Rep. : Almost
perfect...Alomst....(Me: IT'S JESUS!!)
Your Dude : Draco.

Harry : Oh, she's really cool for a Slytherin. I'm supposed to hate her, but...I don't. She's one of my good friends.

Ron : We're good friends, nothing more or less.

Hermione : She's one of my best friends, she's really nice. WE'RE STUDY BUDDIES!

Draco : She's mine. No touch.

You touch, you die.

*calls upon major connections*

Pansy : She's like a sister to me! ( You : Get...away from me... )

Goyle : * Reads note handed to him by Malfoy * She's....a...really....good...friend..of...mine...We...hang..out...a..lot....

Crabbe : We're not supossed to talk about her....HEY! LOOK! MUFFIN! * Eats muffin *

Neville : She's nice, and isn't mean like the other Slytherins.

Luna : She's fun to talk to and is a little odd.

Twins : She helps us with our pranks all the time. But she always freaks out whenever we prank Harry and Draco.

McLagen : *Touch* Heh-heh...I like you....
Draco : YOU'RE DEAD! *Kills*

Oliver : Ew...Not my type. (Me: Then you're a loser!)

Ginny : She's kinda like a big sister to me. She likes to give me advice when I need it.


Dumbledore : A promising student indeed.

McGonagall : She's a smart one. A little hyper, but a good child.

Snape : She's my other favorite student. She and Malfoy work together and excell in my class.(*touch* Malfoy: RAAAWR!!)

Voldemort : Wait....Is she good or evil? (Me : We don't know...)

Sirius : She's a sweet girl. I don't think she's chosen a side though. She's neutral.

Lupin : She's an odd one, but good natured.

Lucius : *Gives Malfoy a pretty ring for her and a high-five*

Wormtail : She told The Dark Lord to make sure I never smile again! It worked! *Sob* For such a kind kid - she's terrible! 

Gees..Oli vahan tylsaa tosiaan tassa aamutuimaan. Oon ilmeisesti vahan outo ja hullu ja Luihunen? Voi kamalaa. Passionhedelmat. Poh.


[User Picture]From: ryuiko
2007-01-06 10:07 am (UTC)
Hee?? Kerro mista tallaisen voi loytaa? Vaiko paastasi nyhkaisit? Ylihauska ja saa hymyilemaan <3
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[User Picture]From: idamari
2007-01-07 08:45 pm (UTC)
Hei Nia! Minäkin aloin nyt kirjoittaa livejournalia, lisäiletkö kaveriksi?
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